I created The Bridge Business Academy because I want to teach individuals what I wished I learned early on when I decided to start a business 20 years ago. I created a program that teaches business owners to understand the business of operating a business. Business owners often think solely about their product or service never fully understanding the mechanics of doing business and why they are in business.

-Stacy Michelle

The Bridge

Connecting the Dream to Reality

Are you fully aware of the bridges you need to crossover to make your dreams of becoming a business owner a reality? Do you have a dream but don’t know how to make it a reality? Do you know what is required of you to make happen what you see in your head a reality?

Course Goals:

  • Understanding your why? WHY ARE YOU IN BUSINESS??!!

  • Growing your business. Growth is the result of strategies, goals and action steps being implemented and executed creating REVENUE (cha-ching!)

  • No one can stop you but YOU! You are the Game Changer!

Join the DOPEST Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the Raleigh-Durham area where you learn, network and grow in life and business. 


The Bridge Business Academy BBA is a FREE 4-week VIRTUAL workshop that teaches the practical fundamentals of business development to business owners, start-ups entrepreneurs and individuals thinking about starting a business.


The Virtual Bridge Business Academy