Coaching with Stacy Michelle

The qualities people value most in a business coach, include insight, coaching style and philosophy, character and integrity, areas of expertise, experience, and trust. 

-Small Business Pulse Survey by The Alternative Board

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Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires you to be at your best. And I am going to help you at every step of your journey.

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I'm an expert entrepreneur who understands the fundamentals of growing a successful business. I've been where you are. Trust me I get it. I share my experiences to help other business owners reach their goals.



Hiring me as your business coach is like having a highly experienced partner in your corner. I provide personalized advice that helps my clients navigate the rough terrain of running a business. That include defining goals, crafting strategies for growth, or devising a plan for reviving a struggling brand.



I'm not a consultant. I do not do the work for you. Instead, I'll keep you focused on the end result and remind you why it’s important. I'll motivate you to keep your commitments, act as a sounding board, and hold up a mirror to help you see your personal and professional blind spots.